Tile Size - Ferobide Tiles - 10 Pack:

4 x 8 x 40mm – 10 Pack

4 x 15 x 40mm – 10 Pack

4 x 25 x 60mm – 10 Pack

4 x 40 x 40mm – 10 Pack

6 x 15 x 40mm – 10 Pack

6 x 25 x 60mm – 10 Pack

6 x 40 x 40mm – 10 Pack

8 x 15 x 40mm – 10 Pack

8 x 25 x 60mm – 10 Pack

8 x 40 x 40mm – 10 Pack


FEROBIDE is a weldable tungsten carbide composite material, which combines high levels of wear resistance with the ease and reliability of a weldable material.
The unique features of FEROBIDE closes the gap between conventional tungsten carbide which requires brazing and weldable materials which have a significant lower wear performance.

FEROBIDE is ideal in situations where brazing is not an option and for applications involving sliding wear. FEROBIDE has found its use in critical applications in several different industries such as agriculture, separation, mining, mixing, mineral processing and road maintenance.

Typical Relative Wear Performance

When compared to other common wear resistant materials in G65-type abrasion tests, FEROBIDE is:

· 15 times better than 500 HB hardened steels,
· 8-10 times better than chromium carbide plates,
· 6 times better than cast white iron,
· 4 times better than 97% alumina.

*Based on internal test rig.


Agricultural applications face many different challenging wear situations. Ferobide has showed its capabilities in ground engaging applications on subsoilers, cultivators, ploughs, harrows and drills as well as on scrapers.

Ferobide is also very complimentary to regular tungsten carbide tipped tools where Ferobide is used to protect the steel parts of the tool to balance the wear rates and reach a significantly improved life span.

 In all soil types fit Ferobide to:
  • All scrapers
  • Behind regular tungsten
  • The sides of subsoiler legs
  • The sides of cultivator legs
  • The front of subsoiler shins
  • Straw rake tines
  • Many types of drill coulters
  • Manure spreader beaters

On land with no stone fit Ferobide to:

  • Power harrow tines
  • Subsoiler points and wings
  • Plough points and wings
  • Cultivator points
  • Bed tiller tines
  • Beet harvester turbine tines
  • Beet harvester shares
  • Sugar cane harvester base cutters

Welding Guidelines

The material is available in a range of standard tile sizes with custom designs available upon request.

  • Do not fit to leading edges in high impact applications
  • MIG/stick weld, 120 amps
  • No TIG welding
  • Clamp tile down, if one end curls up the tile will crack
  • Tack centre of the tile length if needed; weld outward from centre
  • Avoid excessive heat input into tile, use quick weld passes
  • Do not fix tile with an unsupported section overhanging
  • Do not quench after welding
  • If risk of weld erosion, chamfer host metal to hide welds

When welding, full P.P.E and dust management is required.



 Ferobide Flyer:

John-Deere Subsoiler Testimony: