The rotor vanes are used extensively in vacuum pumps and compressors throughout the world. These high quality rotor vanes are available in different grades and customized sizes according to customer specific applications and environmental conditions.


  • Long life
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Low Water Swell
  • Wide Application Range
  • High Mechanical Strength

FEROFORM F57 is the industry standard for drip feed oil-lubricated vacuum pumps. Applications: Pumper trucks, milking pumps, blowers for cement plants, fracking equipment, compressors, refrigeration & ammonia boosters.

FEROFORM F43 has been specifically designed for fully oil flooded high vacuum and two-stage vacuum systems. Applications: High vacuum pumps, laboratory and scientific equipment.

FEROFORM AE2 Economical, general purpose rotor vane for fully oil-lubricated pumps.

FEROFORM F200A is the market standard material for lubrication free dry running vacuum pump systems. Applications: Vacuum forming, packaging, laboratory and scientific equipment.